Women's Mending the Soul group

Session A  Trauma and Abuse

8 Weeks

Session B  Trauma Journals

4 Weeks

Session C  Boundaries

4 Weeks

Your Choice 4 Life Relationship Builders

26 Weeks Non-Court Ordered online group sessions. We have separate groups for Men and Women

Keep Stepping


Domestic Violence 

to Life

Session A  8 Weeks

Session B  4 Weeks

Session C 5 Weeks

Daily Reads book


Youth Program

Impact Youth program creates a goal focused approach to mentoring, inspiring, and leading our future leaders. One day our Youth will demonstrate in our communities the investment we pour into them. If we make a poor investment we will have poor leaders, but they will lead, lead gangs, lead drugs, yet they will lead. We make a difference by providing mentoring online (because of covid 19) later group session in person.