Our Mission is: To transform lives by, Supporting, Teaching, Outfitting, and Preventing future abuse through group sessions, classes, and job training.

We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization  EIN 84-2925423

Our story begins, on Feb 17th, 2018 as God called our hearts to His work. 

We then applied and received our nonprofit status on September 19th, 2019.

Why are we 5 Stones Open Door? Because of the lived experiences of our 5 dear friends who lost their lives to Trauma, Sexual assault, and Domestic Violence. 

To date: We offer group sessions such as From There to Here domestic violence class and Mending the Soul for those who have experienced sexual assault. Recipes 4 Change is our program to address homelessness which is often a result of trauma.

1. WHO?

We are 5 Stones Open Door, a Faith-based 501c3 organization that offers group sessions and classes for those who have experienced trauma, neglect, and abuse.

2. WHEN?

During the week and some weekends

3. WHERE? 

We have meetings in Fresno at 3014 W. McKinley Ave in Fresno and at 2606 Shaft St. in Selma, in the First Friendship Baptist church Fellowship Hall.

Our corporate office is located at 1444 Fulton St. Fresno, Ca 93721. Phone 559-528-8524.

4. HOW?

We address trauma, neglect, and abuse with a focus on relationships. We begin from the most important relationship, the one that starts within you. We do this through our faith-based, group sessions and classes.

5. WHY?

We know and utilize ACEs training (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in considering how early life experiences of trauma, neglect, and abuse, affect our body, mind, and soul with adverse reactions in relationships, in our physical health, in psychological health, and in spiritual health.  We offer a resiliency approach that supports the ability to strive in life despite what happened.

6. WHAT?

What we know is that 5 Stones Open Door is created with a heart for those who are hurting, troubled, and traumatized. We want to hear you through your voice, see you for who you were created to be, and affirm, that yes, it happened to you, but it is not the plan He has for you.