Trauma is yesterday's experience, happening today. When we try to contain it, not feel it, not express it, it bubbles up and shapes who we are. Today is the Day! The decision is made to write a new page in our book of life. To understand why we do what we do, and if you are ready, change it. Why change it, because when it feels better on the inside, you will smile on the outside. Are you ready to find a new way to be in this world. To love and be loved, to find the good in yourself, so you can see the good in others. The group leaders  are here to walk alongside you on this journey and sit with you in the moments you need quiet and to morn with you as the past slips away. 

        Inspire to Life

Experience helped us as Facilitators to understand that when we started on our personal journey, the church did not have answers, they were not equipped. Psychologist's also said and did things that did not help us. Thank God today things are changing. For those of us who are survivors, trust can be a challenge because of Trauma and Abuse. Our past experiences can keep us from connecting with others today. If you are hesitant to give us a try, trust might be why. It could also be that you  have questions like; Is God's word involved? Yes, because our spirit is connected to who we are created to be.  Is this a religion? No, but we believe in God's word. The most important thing we can say about who we are, is that we have been where you are, and we are here for you. We are teachers, who are Christian and love to see others grow, and leave, to inspire others, to life.