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Why choose Community Good Coffee Company? The reasons are clear they are experts in great coffee from coffee choices, flavors, and brewing methods that provide the best coffee experience you deserve from the coffee you drink. Why would coffee choice and brewing methods matter to customers? One reason is that many customers wanted rich flavor without the bitterness they often experience from conventionally roasted coffee. So began the search for a roasting solution to that bitter experience and something they would proudly put their label on. They discovered an air-roasted coffee out of Massachusetts. The Air Roasted coffee is labeled Risen coffee, They also offer customers a conventional roasted coffee rich in flavor from roasters in Virginia with the Community Good Coffee Company label. Finally, why Community Good Coffee Company? It is for this reason, they love serving in our community. They wanted to use their profits to support our nonprofit 5 Stones Open Door in doing good in the community, 5 Stones Open Door's mission is to provide; group sessions, classes, and job skills to those who experience life challenges from; homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, and abuse.

Risen Coffee

                                                                                                                Matthew 25: 37-40

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