Recipes 4 Change

5 Stones Open Door has adopted the mindset of moving from seeing others as a "problem" to addressing the "problem" itself. We are creating the Selma community-powered "Recipes 4 Change." We believe that through our work experience programs, mentoring groups, and other integrated existing community programs, we can reimagine: gang violence, homelessness, criminal activity, and youth leaders. As an organization, we started looking at the glass of opportunity that exists when problems exist, and we started asking ourselves, why not us? Collectively as an organization, we understand that nothing has ever changed by complaining, and problems only change, with a mindset that focuses on community-invested ideas and people. 5 Stones Open Door offers skillsets for job readiness through hands-on training in our culinary garden, through our Community Good Coffee Company and through attendance in our group sessions. Let's join hands, Selma, together; we can create "Recipes 4 Change."

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Where change

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Why our coffee? Because buying our coffee gives back to the community at the same time. Through 5 Stones Open Door's, Community Good Coffee Company, we have the opportunity to provide job skills to those who have had life challenges as a result of homelessness, domestic violence, trauma, and abuse.