having a heart 4 the homeless fundraiser

Update!!! We Did it!! we handed out 10 bags for boys and 10 bags for girls to the homeless children housed at the Selma Super 8 hotel

we are a 501c3 organization

If you would like you can donate a book from our Amazon Smile donation link. We have 8 books to choose from for children in shelters. These children's books will help children understand and connect with what is happening to them when they are homeless.

Your Donation Changes a Generation

Those who gave today, knew that someone they may never meet, needed a chance, so they gave from that place; they gave from the place of being given a chance. When we listen to those who needed that chance, they tell us the donation is better than finding  a dollar; because, this money has a person attached to it that believes they can make a change when given the chance to do it. The way we see it, being given a chance never grows old.