New Women's Group @ Empowering Lives Christian Center Fresno

We are excited to start our new women's group after the holiday break. 

Join us for a time of learning, growing, and discovering. We have a rich curriculum that explores experiences of trauma, abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. Did it happen to you? If it did, we can walk alongside you as you understand your past, explore today's reactions, and plan for a future you want for yourself.

New Men's Group @ Empowering Lives Christian Center

This is a new year, a year to assess, and a year to plan for the future. Join in with other men and discover areas of your life that no longer serve who you want to become. Dr. Bishop Clayton will lead this group of men into an incredible self-realization to strengthen the inside man, to empower the outside man.

In-Kind Winter Donation

We need 11 in-kind donations winter gift sets for women in our domestic violence program. Each gift set will need 1 Pajama gown, 1 pair of warm fuzzy socks, and one warm throw blanket. We have an Amazon Registry button below please click on it. If you are not ordering through our Amazon registry, the items can be ordered and sent to our corporate mailing address, 1444 Fulton St. Fresno, CA 93721. If you need to make other delivery arrangements, please call 559-528-8524.

The size of gowns needed are: Click our Amazon Registry button below.

1- size 3x            2-Med    

2-size 2x            


Once you are ready to donate, if you do not use the Amazon registry, please email us so we can indicate that the gift set has been fulfilled. We will send you an in-kind tax statement once we have your contact information. 

Each recipient will receive a card with your name on it or you can remain anonymous. Thank you for your generosity, and Merry Christmas.

Power of a Woman High Tea Gala Fundraiser

Due to scheduling conflicts, this event is postponed until April 2024. 5 Stones Open Door raises money to fight domestic violence and empower women. We do this through our A Life Worth Living program, where we work toward each woman's vision for their future. We educate through curriculum and listen to each other, speaking the silent parts. Why? Because through understanding, we heal, they know now what they did not know before about themselves and others. Now, they have the strength to live the future they create. When you attend our High Tea Gala, sponsor the event, or donate through our ticket site, your actions tell each woman that you know they have the power to create a life worth living.