February through March 2022

Where Does your donation go?

Your donation goes into our

6 month

Recipes 4 Change program   for adults

Recipes 4 Change is a 6-month program where a person without a home signs up to participate. They register for mental health services. They receive a card signifying they are a Member of Change. Those who sign up receive: group sessions, food access, locate shelter, participate in the Give card money management, participate in food service work training, participate in Wheels 4 Change city beautification, and graduate from the Recipes 4 Change Program ready for life and living it.

Your donation also goes into our

Children's Backpack program

Children without a home receive a backpack with a blanket, hygiene kit, socks, and a book about being homeless. We provide new items to the children to let them know they are loved. It is hard for a child to move from place to place so we give them something that belongs to them in these uncertain times. The photos are of some of last year's children and our Treasurer Joe Rodriguez.

Your donation goes to our group sessions.

1. Keep Stepping From Domestic Violence to Life

2. Mending the Soul (child sexual assault)

3. Your Choice 4 Life Relationship group

4. Addiction group

Coming  after Covid

4. IMPACT YOUTH program