Do you want to find out how to wake up to life? Mending the Soul, Overcomers in Christ, and What's Good About Anger will help you walk out of waking up in the same valley.

Mending the Soul

Mending the soul's women's group sessions are for those who have experienced, domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking.  Group session curriculum includes boundaries and Mending the Soul workbook.  A certified Facilitator, guides the group in understanding abuse from the abuser to the abused.  all groups sign an agreement to confidentiality before attending group.

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if life doesn't challenge you


Join Overcomers in Christ Addiction group


Overcomers in Christ Women's group is for those who are addicted and want a challenge to change their lives. A trained Facilitator leads a group with our Overcomers curriculum to understand the material and make life choices for themselves. Every group signs an agreement of confidentiality so that what is said in group stays in group. Today's the Day! take the Challenge to Change with Overcomers in Christ.    

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